ALE, Local Law Enforcement Confiscate Video Gaming Machines in Randolph County


ASHEBORO -- North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement special agents continue to investigate two businesses in Randolph County after confiscating about 100 illegal video gaming machines in Randolph County on Jan. 18.

The businesses, Franklinville Business Center, 5554 U.S. Highway 64, Ramseur, and B & D Business Center, 1215 Shana Lane, Asheboro, were operating slot machines and illegal server-based gaming machines illegally by allegedly paying out cash winnings to patrons who were placing bets on the machines and winning money. U.S. currency was also seized by law enforcement officials during the raids.

“ALE has received numerous complaints on these types of illegal gambling and video gaming operations in Randolph County,” said ALE Special Agent in Charge Mike Yates. “The raids today should serve as a wake-up call to business owners who allow illegal video gaming on their property.”

Following complaints from citizens and the District Attorney’s office, ALE led an investigation. Multiple law enforcement agencies participated in the raid including the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office, the Asheboro Police Department and the N.C. State Bureau of Investigation.

District Attorney Andy Gregson said, “We are working closely with local and state law enforcement officials to prosecute individuals involved in the possession and operation of illegal gaming machines.”

Yates said the investigation is ongoing and criminal charges are expected.

“Additional raids will follow for any business that continues to operate illegal video gaming machines in Randolph County.” Yates said.