ALE Agents Charge 14 in Salisbury on Drug, Alcohol Violations


SALISBURY -- Alcohol Law Enforcement agents charged 14 people in Salisbury March 31 with drug, alcohol and other crimes following a Cops-N-Shops enforcement operation.

ALE, a branch of the State Bureau of Investigation, used special agents in an undercover capacity to pose as retail store employees in areas affected by recent criminal activity. Working with the Salisbury Police Department, the undercover agents relayed criminal violations or suspicious activity to other agents or police officers who were in the area ready to respond.

Several of the Salisbury stores had requested ALE’s help to deter and reduce crime on their property. ALE will continue the Cops-N-Shops program in Salisbury during the next few months.

The 14 people were charged with the following 26 criminal offenses:

Breakdown of the charges:

  • Possess Cocaine -2
  • Possess Drug Paraphernalia- 3
  • Possess Marijuana -4
  • Drunk and Disruptive- 1
  • Resist, Delay, or Obstruct - 1
  • Littering-1
  • Underage Possession of Alcohol-1
  • Purchase Alcohol Underage- 2
  • Consume Alcohol On Off Premise- 1
  • Use of Fraudulent Identification to Purchase Alcohol -2
  • Open Container of Alcohol-2
  • Expired Registration-1
  • No Insurance-2
  • Revoked Registration Plate-1
  • Possession of Firearm by a Convicted Felon-1
  • Carrying a Concealed Weapon -1