30 Special Agent Trainees Are First Graduates of Combined SBI-ALE Classes


RALEIGH -- Thirty special agents from the State Bureau of Investigation and Alcohol Law Enforcement were sworn in Dec. 5 and became the first graduating class of the two recently-combined agencies.

In a ceremony held at the Aversboro Road Baptist Church, North Carolina Supreme Court Justice Mark Martin administered the oath of office to the ALE and SBI special agents who began training Aug. 2 in Salemburg. The agents completed 18 weeks of intensive classroom, field and firearms training.

“The SBI is thriving in its new role as an independent agency and placing more emphasis on law enforcement,” Governor Pat McCrory said. “Today’s graduation marks a strengthening of our crime fighting operations throughout the state.”

The training used the best instructors and curriculum from both agencies. ALE and SBI trainees were treated equally and given the same training to ensure a comprehensive understanding of both agencies’ operations.

While the training is the same, SBI special agents will continue to perform their criminal investigative work and ALE special agents will continue to enforce the Alcoholic Beverage Control laws as well as drug and lottery laws.

“The major benefit of this training is the information sharing among the two agencies which can’t help but increase the response to public safety issues in our communities,” Department of Public Safety Secretary Frank Perry said. “Communications and information sharing is key to apprehending dangerous criminals in today’s technological world.”

In August, the North Carolina legislature made the State Bureau of Investigation an independent agency with support services channeled through the Department of Public Safety. Alcohol Law Enforcement was subsequently moved under the State Bureau of Investigation.

“Now, citizens have one agency with two separate branches that function as a unit,” Acting SBI Director B.W. Collier said. “This combined training is producing agents who are highly-qualified and even more capable now that they share training, office space and other resources.”

SBI and ALE special agents routinely work with police, sheriffs, district attorneys, federal investigators and prosecutors to apprehend dangerous criminals and to prevent crime.

The agents’ training included officer survival, crime scene investigation, drug laws, Alcoholic Beverage Control laws, and a variety of other specialized training topics applicable to preparing these special agents for their respective careers.

Agents and their duty stations are as follows:

Kevin C. Beverley - Capital District

James D. Burke - Capital District

Audra R. Coulthard - Southern Piedmont District

Ashlee S. Cowan - Northeastern District

Courtney D. Dail  - Western District

Matthew H. Davis - Western District

Michael L. Groom - Coastal Division

Joshua N. Hawks - Northwestern District 

Richard L. Henderson - Northwestern District

Justin J. Jacobs - Southeastern District 

Tanisha M. Jeter - Capitol District 

Kathryn D. Johnson - Capital District - ALE 

Ransom S. Jones - Coastal District 

Taylor D. Jones - Southern Piedmont District 

Jennifer D. Kaire - Capital District 

Meredith L. Lisle - State Crime Lab 

Adam D. Loflin - Southern Piedmont District 

Kelly J. McMurray - Northern Piedmont District - ALE 

William M. Meadows - Western District

Craig P. Monahan - Coastal District 

Steele T. Myers - Southeastern District 

Brennan O. Regner - Coastal District 

Donald R. Richardson, Jr. - Capital District - ALE 

John J. Rowan - Capital District - ALE

Timothy D. Saunders - Coastal District

Tara R. Smallwood - Coastal District

Steven K. Stile - Northeastern District

Leslie K. Torgow - Western District - ALE

Brian L. White - Northeastern District - ALE

Bradley D. Williams - Southeastern District



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