ALE Arrests California Murder Fugitive with Pounds of Marijuana in Bar

WINSTON SALEM, N.C. – A California gang member and murder suspect, on the run for six years, is now behind bars and facing felony drug charges, after ALE special agents arrested him Saturday at a bar in Winston Salem.
While conducting an investigation at El Borracho, an ABC licensed business, ALE special agents located marijuana and ultimately obtained a drug search warrant. Boren Lay, 25, of Los Angeles was found in possession of more than 11 pounds of marijuana and 842 vials of THC oil. ALE K-9 “Bruce” assisted with the investigation.
Two other individuals, Sovath Yern, 30, one of the owners of El Borracho, and Sovann Yern, 31, both of Massachusetts, were also arrested and charged. All three were confirmed members of the Asian Boyz Gang, a street gang based out of Southern California.
Lay hid his true identity for nearly 9 hours before finally admitting the truth. After confirming his identity, special agents learned of his connection to a 2013 homicide in California.
The three suspects were charged with:
  • Trafficking marijuana by possession
  • Trafficking marijuana by transport
  • Possession with intent to sell/deliver marijuana
  • Felony maintain a building for controlled substances
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Allowing violations of the controlled substance act to occur on the licensed premises
Both Sovath and Sovann Yern were given $50,000 secured bonds. Lay was given a $100,000 secured bond for the drug charges, but was denied bond for the murder charges. Lay had his preliminary hearing today, but the Yerns are due in Forsyth County Court March 8. Lay will eventually be extradited to Los Angeles by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office.
Due to Sovath Yern’s ownership of El Borracho, a report will be submitted to the ABC commission documenting the investigation. The ABC Commission may choose to sanction the business through fines, or by suspending or revoking the ABC permits.
“Through the course of a normal investigation, ALE special agents never know who they could potentially encounter,” said ALE Branch Head Bryan House. “As highly trained professionals, ALE special agents’ primary job is to investigate any criminal behavior associated with an ABC licensed establishment and arrest those responsible.”