ALE Charges Three Individuals Following Fatal Motorcycle Accident Earlier this Month in Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE – Three individuals face alcohol charges related to a fatal motorcycle accident earlier this month in Jacksonville, following an investigation by the Alcohol Law Enforcement Branch of the State Bureau of Investigation.

Officials with the North Carolina State Highway Patrol contacted the Jacksonville ALE office on Saturday, Oct. 18, in reference to a motorcycle accident in Jacksonville involving two underage persons and alcohol that resulted in the death of motorcycle driver 20-year-old Alex Michael Sanderson. ALE’s investigation resulted in charges for the following three persons:

  • Nicholas James Pressler, 20, who was charged with underage purchase of spirituous liquor; possession of a driver’s license knowing the same to be fictitious; underage aiding and abetting of Deedra Figgs in obtaining alcohol; and underage aiding and abetting of Alex Sanderson in obtaining alcohol.
  • Deedra Figgs, 18, who was charged with underage possession of spirituous liquor. 
  • Michelle Renee Howell, 46, who was charged with selling spirituous liquor to an underage person.


Contact: D.J. Hales, Special Agent in Charge
Date: October 30, 2014
Phone: 919-218-0118