ALE and Raleigh Police Raid Nightclub in Downtown Raleigh

RALEIGH -- Fourteen arrests for drug possession and illegal alcohol sales were made early today at a downtown nightclub by special agents with the Alcohol Law Enforcement Branch of the State Bureau of Investigation along with Raleigh police officers.

Early this morning, the law enforcement officers raided Club Rumors, 416 West South St., Raleigh, after an ALE investigation revealed that illegal activity was occurring regularly inside the club and subsequent violence resulted in and around the business. The investigation was begun based on information provided to the ALE.

“Businesses that regularly engage in and facilitate criminal activity have a detrimental effect on communities and jeopardize the safety of the public,” said B.W. Collier, SBI acting director. “Partnering with law enforcement agencies to address these problem locations is one of the highest priorities of every ALE special agent.”

Raleigh Police Chief Cassandra Deck-Brown added, “The results of this investigation clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of partnerships among law enforcement agencies. In addition, the successful efforts of the personnel involved promote quality-of-life enhancements, which result from collaborative initiatives between agencies.”

Part of the N.C. State Bureau of Investigation, the ALE Branch has 102 specially trained agents who have the authority to arrest and take investigatory action for any criminal offense. This is an ongoing investigation and additional arrests are expected.

Arrested and charged were:

+ Club owner and manager Earl Dion Hicks, age 41, who was charged with unauthorized possession of spirituous liquor, allowing controlled substance violations to occur on ABC-licensed premises, allowing alcoholic beverage violations to occur on licensed premises by allowing sales 2-7 a.m., misdemeanor maintaining a business for the possession of controlled substances (34.7 grams of marijuana and 2.8 grams of cocaine), and possession of spirituous liquor not bearing a tax stamp.

+ For marijuana possession, Corey Lamont Cooper, 35; Stephanie Renea Whitehead, 27; Nashae Dyce, 32; and Quran Manning, 27.

+ Lashandra Shelton, 24, possession of marijuana and outstanding warrants for forgery.

+ Clarence Edward Parks, 30, possession of MDMA and marijuana.

+ Joseph Mason, 24, Frantz Noble, 35, and Jarmaine Lee Dean, 25, disorderly conduct.

+ Jamie Jerome Durham, 34, resisting, delaying and obstructing a police officer by providing a fictitious name; and multiple outstanding warrants.

+ Alton Ross Jr., 28, two outstanding traffic warrants.

+ Tiyonia Miller, 29, outstanding probation absconder warrants.

+ Jamison Hinton, 37, outstanding warrants for possess with intent to sell and deliver marijuana.

+ Tiffanie Bass, 32, carrying a concealed weapon, possession of a stolen firearm, and outstanding warrants for a worthless check violation.


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