Agents Receive ALE Award For Excellence

RALEIGH – Agents from the Alcohol Law Enforcemet’s Capital District Office were presented with the ALE Award for Excellence today.

The award was presented to the four agents for their rush to action on October 30, 2015.  At 5 p.m. that evening, ALE agents were meeting with officers at the Henderson Police Department.  The purpose of the meeting was to plan for an enforcement action scheduled to take place later that evening. 

Upon entering the room, Detective Wormley of Henderson PD collapsed in the doorway.  Officers and agents rushed to assist the detective and performed chest compressions for seven minutes until EMS personnel arrived. 

Wormley was transported to Maria Parham Medical Center in Henderson and later flown to Duke University Hospital.  “The actions by these agents saved Det. Wormley’s life,” said ALE SAC Jeff Lasater.  Det. Wormley continues to improve and was present at today’s ceremony.

Special Agents Morrow, Richarson, Mills and Rowan took part in the life-saving effort.