ALE is responsible for enforcing the state bingo laws to prevent commercialized gambling. A bingo game is a specific game of chance and is legal only if the charitable organization has a current Charitable Bingo License.  ALE's Bingo Administrator is responsible for licensing and overseeing the charitable organizations' operations and making sure they are in compliance with the state's administrative bingo laws, including internal audits as needed.

During 2014, ALE's Bingo Licensing Section issued over 200 licenses. This section is statutorily required to monitor all licensed bingo operations to ensure compliance with the law and to conduct annual audits of financial records. Based on available data, these organizations report nearly $15 million in gross receipts annually.

Bingo complaints from the public are processed through ALE and distributed to the appropriate ALE District Office for investigation. In 2014, ALE Special Agents and the Bingo Administrator received and investigated more than 100 complaints from the general public and other law enforcement agencies.

Non-Profit Bingo

The types of organizations that are eligible for a Charitable Bingo License are bona-fide non-profit charitable, civic, religious, fraternal, patriotic, veteran, volunteer fire departments or volunteer rescue squads, or property owners' associations. These non-profits must apply to the ALE Bingo Licensing Section for a license to operate a charitable bingo game and pay an annual $200 nonrefundable fee.

Licensed non-profit agencies are allowed to operate no more than twice a week with games being 48 hours apart and no longer than five hours per session. Alcohol may not be sold during these sessions.

Beach Bingo

Beach bingo games may lawfully be played for prizes of $10.00 or less, or merchandise that is not redeemable for cash and has a value of $10.00 or less. As of October 1, 2016, an annual license is required to operate a beach bingo business within North Carolina.

Beach Bingo Locations in North Carolina (Microsoft Excel)

Bingo Reporting Forms

Annual Audit Report for Non-Profit Bingo INSTRUCTIONS (Adobe PDF)

BL-1 Application for Exempt Organization License to Operate Bingo Games (Adobe PDF)  (Microsoft Word)

BL-2 Annual Audit Report of Bingo (Adobe PDF)  |  (Microsoft Excel)

BL-3 Bingo Session Report (Adobe PDF)  |  (Microsoft Excel)

BL-4a Separate Account Disbursement Summary PRIZES ONLY (Adobe PDF)  |  (Microsoft Excel)
BL-4b Separate Account Disbursement Summary (Adobe PDF)  |  (Microsoft Excel)

BL-5 Application for Exempt Organization Single Occasion Permit to Conduct a Bingo Game (Adobe PDF)  (Microsoft Word)

BL-6 Application for Beach Bingo License (Adobe PDF) (Microsoft Word)

Bingo Laws

Download the 2012 North Carolina General Statutes related to bingo. (Adobe PDF)

Download the 2016 North Carolina General Statutes related to beach bingo. (Adobe PDF)