SBI employees are committed to making the world a better place to live and to pursuing excellence in all they do as public servants. SBI agents meet high standards of education and integrity. 

SBI values are honesty, integrity, promise-keeping, fidelity, justice, caring for others, respect for others, responsible citizenship, pursuit of excellence and accountability. Because the SBI is one of North Carolina's premier law enforcement agencies, managers strive to hire talented people dedicated to these values to protect and serve the citizens of North Carolina.

The SBI offers an exciting variety of law enforcement positions for sworn law enforcement officers and non-sworn analysts and other personnel.

Sworn SBI special agents conduct criminal investigations and assist local, federal and other state law enforcement agencies, and they may also specialize in financial or computer crimes. SBI special agents are assigned to district offices across the state.

The SBI also offers rewarding non-sworn careers including criminal intelligence analysts, crime analysts, fingerprint technicians and administrative staff at offices throughout the state. Requirements vary for these positions. 

In 12 weeks, at the SBI Academy, agent trainees receive firearm training, undergo physical training and learn how to investigate crime scenes.  They learn policies, laws, ethical training, cultural diversity and report writing. They apply first aid, receive pepper spray training and learn how to handle canines. They study forensics, illegal drugs and marijuana eradication.   

If you are interested in a career with the SBI, you may review vacant positions. Submit your application only during the recruitment period posted. For SBI Special Agent positions, all required forms are available online but only during the posting period.