Prevent Terrorism
NCISAACSeal.jpgThe State Bureau of Investigation leads a statewide partnership of local and federal officials to fight terrorism and crime. You can help by reporting suspicious persons, objects, or behaviors.  

The state’s Field Liaison Officer (FLO) program is managed by ISAAC and is an integral part of the outreach plan used to include all partners in the ongoing effort to maintain homeland security within the state.

How to Report

Community safety can be jeopardized by terrorist attacks, gangs, identity theft, drug activity, or attacks on public services and utilities, such as transportation, water facilities and power companies.

Be aware of suspicious packages. If you do not recognize the return address or have other questions, contact the SBI or local law enforcement.

Terrorists and criminals often display similar characteristics, such as being overly dedicated to a cause, willing to give their lives for it, and seeming to be unaffected by the consequences of their actions.

Presentations Available

The Information Sharing and Analysis Center's Partners can provide specialized presentations to businesses and civic groups on:

  • Suspicious package recognition
  • Community awareness
  • North Carolina Homeland Security
  • Response capabilities

Please join your partners in the law enforcement community in our fight against crime and terrorism.

Protect Us All Make the Call:  (888) NC ISAAC - (888) 624-7222.