Diversion and Environmental Crimes
The Diversion and Environmental Crimes Unit enforces the SBI original jurisdiction in drug investigations and environmental crimes. The unit also assists local law enforcement, federal agencies and agencies from other states.

Environmental investigations involve violations of state and federal environmental laws and regulations such as the Clean Water Act, Oil Pollution and Hazardous Substances, Medical Waste and the Clean Air Act. These are often crimes of profit committed by someone who wants to gain an economic advantage for a business. For example, criminals dump hazardous waste without disposing of it properly, discharge untreated waste into streams, or lie about or fake documents such as environmental tests.

Pillsvertical-(2).jpgDrug Diversion Investigations

DECU investigates the diversion of prescription drugs by licensed healthcare professionals and others involved in the healthcare registrant field. Investigations frequently involve the dilution, substitution or theft of medication from hospitals, pharmacies and medical facilities. DECU conducts investigations of large scale or multi-jurisdictional prescription fraud cases. We also investigate suspicious deaths which occur in healthcare facilities.

Operation Medicine Drop

Collection and proper disposal of old prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs helps prevent accidental poisonings and drug abuse. The SBI helps sponsor annual statewide Operation Medicine Drop events to help North Carolinians safely dispose of old medications. The SBI also provides resources and support so local law enforcement agencies can host local take-back events throughout the year to protect their communities.

Learn more about Operation Medicine Drop from Safe Kids North Carolina.