Air Wing
The SBI Aircraft Operations Unit has three full time pilots who respond to investigative law enforcement support requests such as:
  • apprehension of violent criminals
  • fugitive extradition
  • Special Response Team operations
  • Bomb Squad deployment
  • manhunts
  • search and rescue
  • disaster relief
  • surveillance
  • reconnaissance
  • aerial photography
  • investigative transport
  • witness transport
  • domestic marijuana eradication
  • administrative transport. 

The Air Wing supports SBI personnel as well as federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies operating within North Carolina.

The Air Wing currently operates two fixed-winged aircraft. This unit uses aviation technology, equipment, experience and training to advance the law enforcement mission while maintaining the highest level of flight safety.

Pilots assigned to the Air Wing must be SBI special agents and must hold commercial pilot licenses with instrument ratings. SBI pilots are recertified annually. In addition, pilots are certified in unmanned aircraft systems flight operations.