Information Technology
The State Bureau of Investigation's Information Technology section is responsible for the design, development and deployment of new business applications and continuous support of existing applications for the SBI. 

The IT section is also responsible for assessing needs for required hardware and system products needed to support the infrastructure. The infrastructure is a mission-critical environment supporting the law enforcement community and North Carolina citizens.  The division is constantly engaged in research and planning to position its environment to be consistent with North Carolina’s statewide technical architecture.
Applications Development and Support 
The Applications Development and Support unit manages and supports an array of applications essential for public safety and the administration of criminal justice throughout North Carolina as well as internal SBI operations.  
Server and Database Support 
The Server and Database Support section is responsible for maintaining day-to-day operations for all servers and databases for the SBI including the various storage arrays where all agency data lives. 
Network and Security 
The Network and Security section is responsible for maintaining security and ensuring the SBI is Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) compliant.  The network and security group is also responsible for maintaining and upgrading the networks in the SBI’s data centers, as well as the networks in each of the district offices.  Additionally, the network and security group works with local law enforcement agencies to ensure that our 27,000 law enforcement officers have secure and reliable access to criminal justice information. 
Technical Support 
The Technical Support section is responsible for providing support, maintenance, replacement, and inventory of desktops, laptops, printers, mobile phones, tablets and other computer related hardware for SBI employees.  This includes providing security patches and updates to Windows machines and responding to operating system and technology related issues. 
Customer Support Center 
The SBI Customer Support Center section provides 24x7x365 assistance to SBI employees, North Carolina law enforcement agencies, out-of-state law enforcement agencies and citizens of North Carolina.