Internal Affairs Annual Report
During calendar year 2023, the Special Investigations Unit within the Professional Standards Division initiated four (4) internal affairs investigations based on external complaints and one (1) investigation based on an internal complaint. During this period, the unit opened four (4) cases as preliminary inquiries.
All complaints were documented according to Procedure 24 of the SBI Policy and Procedure Manual. The Professional Standards Division received one notification of civil litigation during the calendar year 2023.
In 2023, thirty-two (32) vehicle accidents were reported with one citation being issued. Fourteen (14) were not at fault incidents, five (5) were at fault incidents involving other vehicles and thirteen (13) were single car accidents involving either animals or property collisions.
Based on the analysis of all internal affairs operations and reports in addition to SBI Policy and Procedures, there are no recommendations from management to enhance officer safety, to revise policies or to provide additional training.