The Business and Logistics Services Section coordinates the purchase and delivery of SBI's motor fleet, protective gear, and other supplies so that the agency is able to fulfill its mission of investigating crimes, identifying and apprehending criminals and preparing evidence for use in criminal courts.   

Members of the Business Services and Logistics Unit have the specialized knowledge and skills needed to efficiently procure and deploy sensitive law enforcement-related equipment.

The Business Services Unit performs agency‚Äźwide budgetary operations including grants, asset management, asset forfeiture and legislative budgets. The unit monitors expenditures, processes accounts payable and receivable and conducts overall business operations to ensure compliance with state budget and purchasing rules and regulations.

The Business Services team functions as accounts receivable specialists and are responsible for billing and collecting monies annually associated with the processing of concealed handgun permits and other fee-for-service activities such as background checks..
The Logistics Support Section provides purchasing and equipment inventory support to all sections of the SBI. That includes courier services, mail delivery service, radio communications repair and installation, campus security, facilities management, fleet management. Logistics requisitions and issues credit cards, purchases ground vehicle and aviation insurance, and handles capital construction, repair and renovation projects.
The Radio shop programs and maintains the mobile and portable 800 MHz radios used by the SBI for statewide coverage as part of the N.C. Voice Interoperability Plan for Emergency Responders (VIPER) system. The Radio Shop also equips vehicles with portable radio chargers, sirens and emergency lights.