SBI K-9 Program
The State Bureau of Investigation and Alcohol Law Enforcement use dogs trained to detect drugs, explosives, fire accelerants and human remains.

The K-9 program has 18 dogs and 16 K-9 handlers. Each K-9 handler is a sworn agent with either the SBI or ALE.

SBI/ALE K-9 Teams provide specialized search capabilities and the dogs are proficient in evidence search.

The SBI has two drug detector dog teams and ALE has four. The SBI has three human remains detector dog teams, four explosives detector dog teams and five accelerant detector dog teams.

The 18 teams are assigned to SBI districts and serve their respective district and are available statewide as needed.  K-9 training is centralized.  The K-9 trainer is the K-9 program coordinator and provides both training and support to each team as needed.

The K-9 program coordinator conducts training statewide for SBI/ALE dogs as well as any law enforcement agency requesting SBI K-9 training. K-9 training consists of a basic handler’s course and continues with monthly in-service training for the working life of the dog. Additionally, specialized training is offered quarterly and annually for each specific discipline.

SBI/ALE K-9 teams are certified through the United States Police Canine Association (USPCA) to national standards. Each team must certify annually at the regional level with top teams going to national trials. Most teams are nationally certified. Several teams placed high in USPCA National Trials with one team earning top honors as National Champion Cadaver Dog.

The SBI started using trained K-9s in 1983.