SBI Mission and Values
SBI Mission
The SBI conducts criminal investigations of allegations in areas of original jurisdiction:  narcotics, arson, election laws, state property, environmental crimes, human trafficking and child sexual abuse in day care centers.

The SBI provides assistance to local law enforcement agencies in the areas of criminal investigation and fingerprint identification.

The SBI's mission is to secure a more effective administration of the criminal laws of the state by investigating crimes, identifying and apprehending criminals, and preparing evidence for use in criminal courts.  
SBI Values

Truthful, Sincere, Forthright, Straightforward, Frank, Candid

Principled, Courageous, Scrupulous, Honorable, Upright

Trustworthy, Reliable, Abides by Spirit as well as the Letter of Agreements

Loyal, Discreet, Maintains Confidences, Makes Objective Judgements Free of Undue Influences and Conflicts of Interest

Fairness, Equitable, Open-Minded, Willing to Admit Error or Change Positions, Pursues Justice, Equality, Tolerance

Caring for Others
Caring, Kind, Compassionate, Sharing, Giving, Serves, Helps, Avoids Harming Others

Respect for Others
Respects Dignity and Privacy of Others, Courteous, Prompt, Decent, Esteems Right of Self-Determination

Responsible Citizenship
Law Abiding, Exercises Democratic Rights and Privileges, Social Consciousness, Public Service, Respects and Honors Democratic Process

Pursuit of Excellence
Committed, Does His or Her Best, Develops and Maintains a High Degree of competence, Well-informed, Well Prepared, Diligent, Industrious

Accepts Responsibility for Actions and Inactions, Leads by Example, Avoids Appearance of Impropriety, Safeguards and Advances Integrity and Reputation of Family, Company and Profession.