Clan Lab Response Unit Stats for 2015

I had a chance to sit down today with Todd Duke, the Special Agent in Charge of the SBI’s Clandestine Laboratory Response Unit.

Although I recently posted the Clan Lab Response Units 2015 annual map totals, I was curious about some additional details.

SAC Duke reported the Clan Lab Response Unit encountered the following items during the 2015 calendar year:

  • 467 total responses encompassing labs, dumpsites or chemical seizures 
  • 116 firearms were seized at lab locations 
  • 25 elderly persons were located at lab locations
    • These individuals were homebound or had no other living arrangement options
  • 109 children were located at lab locations
    • These children resided at the lab location or were present during the encounter
  • 12 injuries to law enforcement, fire or EMS personnel occurred at lab locations
    • These injuries were due to chemical exposures
  • 595 arrests were made at lab locations
  • 2,848 grams of finished Methamphetamine was seized at lab locations
    • This amount is just shy of three kilos
  • 51,097 milliliters of meth oil was seized at lab locations

“These results could not be achieved without the assistance and expertise of our local law enforcement partners. These partnerships allow us to maximize our efforts to combat the manufacture and sale of methamphetamine across North Carolina,” Duke said.

SAC Duke commended the efforts of three agents in the unit that have been responsible for the indictment of more than 150 individuals on federal methamphetamine conspiracy charges since 2009. These agents are the primary investigators in these ongoing cases and additional indictments are expected in the future.


Shannon O’Toole
NC SBI - Public Information Officer