Franklin County Sheriff and ALE Target Alcohol, Gambling, Drug Activity

LOUISBURG – The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office and Alcohol Law Enforcement arrested five people on drug, alcohol and gambling charges in two Franklin County locations Dec. 15.

Operation Clean Sweep, a three-month undercover investigation, began after the agencies received complaints alleging illegal activities occurring at an illegal video poker establishment in Castalia (near Louisburg)  and at Flat Top Bar in Bunn. The Franklin County Narcotics Enforcement Team and ALE coordinated their efforts to address these illegal activities.

During the first phase of the joint operation, agents discovered illegal video poker machines at 5344 Highway 56 East, Castalia. Undercover agents playing these machines received illegal cash payouts on multiple occasions. Eight video gaming machines and $2,700 were seized. The investigation is on-going and charges are pending.

An investigation was then conducted at Flat Top Bar where agents made multiple purchases of cocaine, marijuana and prescription pills from numerous individuals. Undercover agents also detected multiple illegal sales and use of controlled substances, underage possession of alcohol and other illegal drug and alcohol activities on the premises.

“This is a great example of what teamwork between state and local law enforcement can produce,” said Franklin County Sheriff Kent Winstead. “We are committed to addressing illegal activity throughout our county and will continue these partnerships to make our communities safer.”

Terrance Merriweather, head of ALE, said, “ALE’s goal is to address illegal activity occurring at ABC outlets, both legal and illegal.  Problem locations such as these plague our communities and ALE agents will continue to do their part to address these illegal activities throughout North Carolina.”

During the operation, the following individuals were arrested on 38 total counts:

Zachary Wade Smith, 24, of ZebulonZ-Smith-mug-shot2.jpg
Possession with intent to sell/deliver cocaine (5 counts)
Sell/deliver cocaine (5 counts)
Conspire to sell/deliver cocaine (2 counts)
Possession with intent to sell/deliver marijuana (3 counts)
Sell/deliver marijuana (3 counts)
Give malt beverage to underage
Give spirituous liquor to underage
Transport open spirituous liquor in passenger area of a vehicle
Smith was placed on a $360,000 bond

Alyssa Wells, 20, of Lousiburg
Underage possession of alcoholic beverage (2 counts)

Ethan Dale Sims, 26, of ZebulonE-Sims-mug-shot2.jpg
Conspire to sell/deliver cocaine
Maintain a vehicle to keep/sell drugs
Possession drug paraphernalia  
$40,000 bond

Lindon Otis Porter, Jr., 29, of YoungsvilleL-Porter-Jr-mug-shot2.jpg
Maintain a vehicle to keep drugs (3 counts)
Possession with intent to sell/deliver cocaine (3 counts)
Conspire to sell/deliver cocaine (2 counts)
Sell/deliver cocaine (2 counts)
Drive while license revoked
$181,000 bond

Tabitha Faulkner, 30 of YoungsvilleT-Faulkner-mug-shot2.jpg
Possession of cocaine
Possession of drug paraphernalia
$10,000 bond

Warrants have been issued and the following individuals are wanted on charges:

Logan John Smith, 24, of Youngsville
Possession with intent to sell/deliver schedule IV
Sell/deliver schedule IV
Conspire to Sell/deliver schedule IV

David Steele Richardson, 24, of Zebulon
Possession with intent to sell/deliver cocaine
Sell/deliver cocaine
Conspire to sell/deliver cocaine

Dexter Deangelo Perry, 21, of Louisburg
Conspire to sell/deliver schedule IV

ALE’s 109 specially-trained agents have the authority to arrest and take investigatory action for any criminal offense. Their primary responsibility is the enforcement of Alcoholic Beverage Control laws and state lottery laws. ALE is a branch of the State Bureau of Investigation.