Governor's Awards of Excellence Honorees Include ALE, SBI, SHP and Correction Enterprise

RALEIGH -- Heroism, compassion and innovation were among the traits Governor Pat McCrory recognized among the 36 recipients of the Governor’s Awards for Excellence at a special ceremony yesterday at the North Carolina Museum of History. Fifteen of the award recipients were from the Department of Public Safety.  The Governor’s Award for Excellence is the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a state employee.

The Governor's Awards for Excellence Program is earned for outstanding accomplishments that are a credit to the person and the state of North Carolina. Employees are nominated for the award by their supervisors and co-workers. Recipients are selected by a committee of their peers.

The ceremony is hosted by the Office of State Human Resources and supported by the North Carolina State Employees Credit Union Foundation.

The DPS 2014 award winners are:

Team Manhunt for Safety and Heroism

State Highway Patrol
First Sergeant Douglas B. Amos (now lieutenant) (F-1), Sergeant Mark L. Cline (F-1), Trooper Carroll R. Hallyburton (F-1), Trooper Aaron K. Johnson (F-1), Trooper Russell V. McGee, III (F-9),Trooper Kyle B. Robinson (F-1), Trooper Joshua L. Shuffler (F-1), Trooper Daniel J. Wakefield (F-1)

Alcohol Law Enforcement
Special Agent Michael Bradshaw and Special Agent Antwan Happoldt

State Bureau of Investigation
Agent Kenneth Andrew “Andy” Cline and Agent Kevin J. Coggins

Burke County -- On March 12, 2014, about 30 troopers from the North Carolina State Highway Patrol were among the 120 law enforcement officers from Burke, mcDowell, Avery and Caldwell counties who assisted in a manhunt for a killer in a rural area just north of the Morganton City limits.

On that morning, State highway Patrol First Sgt. Douglas Amos was assisting Trooper Daniel Wakefield who had responded to a rear-end collision that was causing traffic to back up on NC 181, four miles north of Morganton.  Amos recognized the truck as belonging to a well-respected businessman who would not run form the scene of an accident.  Wakefield went to a nearby gas station to get a photo from the surveillance video of the person who had fled the scene.  A few minutes later, in a conversation with a local deputy sheriff, Amos learned that a double homicide had been discovered that morning at a residence on Fish Hatchery Road.  The murdered couple's 38-year-old son was suspected.  Wakefield e-mailed Amos a hpoto from the gas station's surveillance camera. The deputy recognized the man as the son of the murder victims.  the officers then realized that the alleged killer was not only in the area, but close by.

Minutes later, off-duty State Trooper Joshua Shuffler called in a collision between a blue wrecker and a Department of Transportation truck on Fish Hattchery Road near Shuffler's home. The wrecker, which had substantial damage, had been driven away from the scene of the accident.  Amos and three members of the Burke County Sheriff's Department heard the vehicle description from Troop Communications in Newton and knew immediately the identity of the driver of the wrecker.  Amos updated Communications of the situation and went to the accident scene where two uninjured DOT workers gave an excellent description of the wrecker and the driver.

mos and the sheriff's deputies sped off to try to overtake the werecker.  There are only two ways out from the accident scene due to the rural location of Fish Hatchery Road.  About 30 minutes later, two Burke County deputies located the abandoned wrecker on Sisk Farm Road near Table Rock Mountain Road.  The suspect was now on foot and additional law enforcement officers were called to contain the heavily wooded area.  A command post was set up at a nearby church.  A number of officers began to arrive including U.S. Forest Service Officer jason Crisp and his dog, Maros.

The situation evolved quickly.  It was soon discovered that the supect had run out of a woodshed and was seen heading into the woods.  Troopers set up road blocks on sections of Fish Hatchery, Pea Ridge and Rose Creek roads. Crisp's dog found the suspect's scent. Troopers Daniel Wakefield, Kyle Robinson and Carroll Hallyburton followed them into the woods.  There were few standing trees.  However, the brush was thick and the wind was blowing hard, creating difficult conditions. Because of this diffiiciulty, Crisp was separated from the other officers.  He arrived on a ridge ahead of them in a grove of pine trees when suddenly three shots rang out.  Crisp and his dog fell.

Not knowing where the killer was, the three troopers backed down and regrouped in a small ravine.  Wakefield carefully made his way back to the command post to lead others to render assistance to Crisp. Amos and Johnson met Wakefield whe he came out of the woods.  Amos could not reach the others by phone or radio --they had been turned off for safety purposes.  

Two Tactical teams were formed to perform a search and rescue for Crisp, Robinson and Hallyburton.  Eventually, they were found.  However, aid could not be rendered to Crisp.  He and Maros had died.  The suspect had taken Crisp's gun and ammunition.  It was believed that he had fled deeper into the woods toward Chimney Gap, 20 miles of wilderness in the Linville Gorge area.

The situation became more precarious as darkness fell.  Not only were the winds becoming more violent but the sound of two helicopters made it increasingly difficult for the officers to hear anything.  The officers split again into two teams and cautiously continued their search.  Eventually, Amos encountered a black-haired man with canvas high-top shoes.  Amos did knot know who he was so he shouted out to him asking hm what he was doing there.  The man turned and looked.  Amos recognized the suspect and ordered him to show his hands.  Shots were fired.  An autopsy later concluded that the supect shot himself in the head.

Thank you Team Manhunt, for your courage, bravery and heroism in protecting North Carolina's citizens.

Department of Public Safety Customer Service - Correction Enterprise

Karen Brown, Penny Evans and Phil Rowe

Penny Evans, Phil Rowe and Karen Brown work at Correction Enterprises. Evans is a sales account representative, Rowe is an industry director and Brown is the director. Together, they make up a team who has helped to reform the state employees’ service awards program.

In March 2013, the Office of State Human Resources (OSHR) asked Brown to assist in a review of the State Employee Service Awards program. OSHR also asked if Correction Enterprises could contribute products to the program. Brown assigned Evans and Rowe to the project.

Evans and Rowe surveyed all of the industries that work with Correction Enterprises. Very quickly, they determined that Correction Enterprises could take over the entire contract. They submitted a proposal that Correction Enterprises provide 70 percent of the products as well as handle all marketing, inventorying and distribution of products throughout the state. OSHR accepted the proposal with the caveat that the program begin on January 1, 2014. This was a very tight timeframe to begin a new business. Evans and Rowe assured Brown that it could be done.

In the ensuing months, Brown, Evans and Rowe worked with OSHR and a statewide planning committee to choose products under each category, brand the new program, prototype products and get final approvals. Evans and Rowe worked with outside vendors like the NC Museum of History, a local artist and public attractions throughout North Carolina. Other responsibilities included creating marketing materials, designing the interactive website, working with State Purchase and Contract, planning and presenting a product showcase. Correction Enterprises also created SKUs for each product, hired and trained a new staff person, defined shipping and distribution parameters, found a new plant location and purchased new equipment. Evans and Rowe also projected sales, inventory and profits for the new business. They also assisted with training program coordinators for each state agency.

The program went live on January 1, 2014, exactly as planned and North Carolina now has an employee services program features North Carolina products.

Thank you, Karen, Penny and Phil for your dedication, attention to detail and go-getter attitudes.



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