Graduation Ceremony for 10 new ALE Agents


What: Graduation Ceremony for 10 new N.C. ALE Agents
When: 11 a.m. Friday, June 30, 2017
Where: Dept. of Public Safety, Samarcand Training Academy, 3600 Samarcand Road, Jackson Springs (Moore County)
The N.C. Alcohol Law Enforcement Branch will hold a graduation ceremony for the 32nd academy of ALE Special Agent Trainees.
Ten agents had 20 weeks of training in areas such as alcohol related death investigations, drug investigations, illegal distillery investigations, raid planning, urban surveillance, rural surveillance, 60 hours of defensive tactics, plain clothes enforcement tactics, criminal law, rifle training, handgun training, physical fitness training, nuisance abatement training, search warrant training, interview and interrogation, and undercover operations.
Superior Court Judge Vance B. Long of Judicial District 11B will administer the oath of office to the agent trainees.

The 10 graduating Agents will be assigned to six of ALE’s eight districts: Coastal, Northeastern, Southeastern, Capital, Southern Piedmont and Western.
ALE is a branch of the State Bureau of Investigation with statewide jurisdiction to investigate any criminal offense.  ALE’s primary mission is the enforcement of the state’s alcohol and lottery laws.