SBI Arrests Salisbury Doctor for False Prescriptions

RALEIGH -- The State Bureau of Investigation arrested an urgent care doctor in Salisbury Sept. 24 for allegedly providing more than 6,000 hydrocodone pills to another physician over a four-year period.

Dr. Cheryl Tan Navarro-McGuinness, 38, of Mooresville, was charged with the illegal distribution of a controlled substance by a practitioner without having an established and legitimate doctor and patient relationship.

Dr. Navarro-McGuinness was indicted on Monday for allegedly authorizing more than 50 prescriptions for hydrocodone to Dr. Orin Walker who lost his license and medical practice for trafficking hydrocodone. The two doctors were colleagues.

Dr. Navarro-McGuinness is still a licensed physician, but she is unemployed. She was arrested at the Rowan County Jail by the SBI’s Investigation Diversion and Environmental Crimes Unit and released on $1,000 bond. Her court date is pending.

Dr. Walker and his wife, Abby Walker, are believed to have collaborated with seven of Abby Walker’s former co-workers to obtain the hydrocodone for the Walker’s personal use. Abby Walker was a teacher in Rowan County at the time. The Walkers and their co-conspirators were arrested by the SBI DECU in July. All were released on bond.



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