SBI Arrests South Carolina Man, Two Others for Stolen Roxicodone Pills

RALEIGH -- A Lancaster, South Carolina man is being held in the Union County Jail for buying Roxicodone pills allegedly stolen from a Monroe pharmacy.

Randall Wayne Shehane, 48, bought more than 6,000 of the pills with a street value of $180,000 from Gregory Rorie, 42, whose wife Michelle Lawrence Rorie, 38, is believed to have stolen them from her employer. Michelle Rorie is a pharmacy technician at the Monroe drug store.

Michelle Rorie allegedly stole stock bottles of the pills of the opiate from the store on a weekly basis for more than a year. A North Carolina Pharmacy Board audit of the pharmacy where Michelle Rorie worked found that more than 6,000 dosage units of Roxicodone were missing.

The transactions between Shehane and Gregory Rorie took place in North Carolina and in Pageland, S.C. where Gregory Rorie and Shehane worked together.

The three co-conspirators were all arrested Sept. 19. Shehane was arrested in Lancaster and was transported to North Carolina Monday after waiving extradition. He is charged with conspiracy to traffick and trafficking Roxicodone. His bond is $125,000.

Michelle Rorie was charged with multiple counts of embezzlement of a controlled substance by an employee and conspiracy to traffick in Roxicodone. Gregory Rorie, was charged with conspiracy to traffick and trafficking in Roxicodone. Both were released on $50,000 bond.

In July, Shehane was arrested with a stock bottle of 88 units of Roxicodone during a routine vehicle stop by Lancaster Police Department. This seizure led to the SBI Diversion and Environmental Crimes Unit (DECU) investigation.



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