SBI Northwestern District Office Phone Number is Being Spoofed


HICKORY – Citizens from Rolesville to Rutherfordton are getting deceptive calls from people who are spoofing the State Bureau of Investigation’s Northwestern District Office phone number and claiming to be from the SBI. These people are not with the SBI and have no connection with the agency.

Spoofing uses technology that allows an anonymous person to send and receive phone messages from a different number than the device they are using. The SBI number being spoofed is 828-294-2226.  

If anyone gets a call from someone claiming to be with the SBI saying that you are a victim of identity theft, disregard the caller and hang up. Local law enforcement, not the SBI, are the ones who handle identity theft cases.

In addition, if an SBI agent were to call, he or she would identify himself or herself and give his or her agent identification number. That number can be verified by calling the district number, 828-294-2226, or by calling SBI headquarters at 919-662-4500.

The spoof calls are being reported to local police departments as well as the Northwestern District Office in Hickory.