Veteran SBI Agent Set to Retire from His Dream Job


From the Charlotte Observer
August 28, 2015

Story by Ames Alexander - Photograph by Jeff Siner 

When State Bureau of Investigation agent Tony Underwood investigated Monroe police Officer Josh Griffin, who was suspected of killing a young waitress in 1997, some local officers thought he was on the wrong trail.

Bill Tucker, then a detective for the Union County Sheriff’s office, recalled talking to one officer who was convinced that Griffin could never have done such a thing.

“I said, ‘Let me stop you right there. If Tony Underwood believes he did it … not only did he do it, but somebody’s going to jail,’” said Tucker, now a retired captain.

Tucker was right. Today, Griffin is at Pamlico Correctional Institution, near the coast, serving a life sentence for Kim Medlin’s murder.

Underwood, whose investigative work has led to the convictions of dozens of murderers, will soon be taking a new path. He’s retiring on Monday, after 26 years with the SBI.

For more than six years, Underwood has led the nine-county SBI field office that covers the greater Charlotte region. It’s one of the busiest of the SBI’s eight field offices. The SBI investigates public corruption, shootings involving police officers and many serious cases with which local law enforcement agencies request assistance.

Underwood, 49, is looking forward to new adventures, but he knows he’ll miss the rewards of investigating violent crimes.

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