Legal Services
The Legal Services Section provides legal and policy advice to the SBI director, executive management and mid-level supervisors.

This section provides oral and formal written legal opinions and training on laws, constitutional provisions, administrative rules and regulations, court decisions, and other precedents impacting the SBI’s policies and operational procedures.

This section is responsible for drafting departmental rules and regulations, operational guidelines, contracts, SBI-sponsored legislation, and other legal documents.

Legal Services provides oral and written responses to inquiries by federal, state and local officials including legislators, judicial officials, law enforcement personnel, and citizens about the SBI’s policies and practices and the statutes and regulations it enforces.
Legal services provides specialized training on all aspects of constitutional law and arrest, search and seizure for the SBI and for reviewing all uses of force, internal affairs investigations, and other high liability incidents involving members within the SBI.  This section provides assistance in  obtaining court orders for electronic surveillance and also serves as the privacy officer and advisor for the North Carolina Information Sharing and Analysis Center (NC ISAAC). 

In compliance with state law, SBI investigative files are not public records and cannot be disseminated by the SBI beyond relevant law enforcement and district attorneys without a court order.

Court order requests should be forwarded to SBI Legal Services.