FAQ - Background Checks on Employees
My agency is allowed by North Carolina General Statute (NCGS) to obtain criminal history background checks from the SBI. Who do I contact to get started?

I misplaced the copy of our Agency Access Agreement. How can I obtain a copy of our agreement on file with the NCSBI?

I misplaced a copy of my Agency Authority for Release of Information (AFR), can I use another Agency’s AFR?

How long should I keep the AFR on file?

Does the NCSBI need a copy of the Regulations Regarding Receipt of CHRI?

How often should the Agency update the Regulations Regarding Receipt of CHRI form?

Who can receive and review the background check information?

How long should I keep the background check results on file?

How many personnel can receive and view the CHRI?

Where do we have to keep the background checks?

How often will our Agency be audited?

What is an acceptable way to dispose of CHRI?

Can an Agency use CHRI for another related agency of authorized entity requiring CHRI?

Can an individual request a copy of their CHRI from one agency to use for another requesting agency?

How does my employee request a copy of his or her CHRI?

How do I obtain fingerprint cards for a non-criminal justice agency that has an access agreement with the SBI?